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Enjoy a more energetic holiday experience in our world-class gyms.

Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball on the shore of the Mediterranean is a lively event where you will meet and compete with new friends. Set up your team and have an entertaining experience accompanied by the fascinating view of the Mediterranean Sea. With the TUI SENSATORI concept, all sports activities and animations are accompanied by British instructors.


Fun memories await on the private beach of The Residence at TUI SENSATORI Barut Fethiye, which provides a holiday filled with sports.


You don’t need to take a break from your training at The Residence at TUI SENSATORI Barut Fethiye, offering tennis amid the Mediterranean nature. On two different tennis courts in accordance with international standards, you can take private lessons from professional instructors for a fee. Don’t forget to book your court and a professional instructor for your private lessons.

Water Sports Centre

The Residence at TUI SENSATORI Barut Fethiye offers a range of options for guests who are interested in water sports or seek a new experience accompanied by a private assistant.


A game of billiards promises delightful competition with your loved ones or other guests, adding a continuous excitement to your holiday. *Paid You can relax in the billiards area after spending time on the unique beach at The Residence at TUI SENSATORI Barut Fethiye.

Pool Games

Fun activities, including aqua Zumba, aqua biking, water polo and water gymnastics, await you at The Residence at TUI SENSATORI Barut Fethiye.

Aerobics, Steps, Zumba, Pilates

The Residence at TUI SENSATORI Barut Fethiye, offering a variety of activities for guests who want to relax, energize, and experience a more active vacation, provides many sports activities, including Zumba, Pilates, steps and aerobics. In a lush garden with a wooden platform overlooking the sea, enjoy the privileges that will make you feel good.


A delightful game originating in Italy, boccia offers a lively new experience amid the intriguing nature of The Residence at TUI SENSATORI Barut Fethiye. The game, played with a small metal ball, offers lively moments with the participation of our animation team and our guests.

Fitness Centre

Have a healthy holiday, on your own or with a personal trainer, at the indoor fitness centre equipped with state-of-the-art fitness and cardio equipment. Enjoy doing sports in the fitness centre, with personalized programs prepared by professional trainers, and a backdrop of the lush Mediterranean nature.

Dance Studio

Have even more fun on your holiday at The Residence at TUI SENSATORI Barut Fethiye practicing lively dances. With professional dancers, stay in shape and dance throughout your holiday.


At The Residence at TUI SENSATORI Barut Fethiye, where you can enjoy every moment of the day during your holiday, you can also enjoy hitting the bull's-eye during an archery session. After a briefing with professional instructors, you can participate in individual games or in tournaments with other guests. Be sure to book this activity, which is free of charge.


Guests who want a holiday of self-development and new experiences will find a range of options, including courses on water skiing, wakeboarding, catamarans, windsurfing and diving. Guests who complete the courses, which are offered by professional trainers for a fee, will receive certificates.


A unique yoga experience awaits you amid the most beautiful shades of green and blue. You are in the right place for a holiday where you can increase your awareness and inner peace with professional yoga instructors.

Table Tennis

Pleasant times and entertaining competitions add movement to your holiday with loved ones. Table tennis events await you.
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