Our hygiene certificates and the hygiene practices, being implemented by us within the organization of our enterprise due to the Covid-19, are accessible through here.

Live Shows

Unlimited entertainment awaits you with extraordinary shows and spectacular performances.
Event Calendar

Live Shows

Awaiting you is a colourful entertainment team that includes some of the most prominent dance troops in Turkey and the world, acrobats with stunning moves, and talented athletes. Be prepared to experience extraordinary moments at The Residence at TUI SENSATORI Barut Fethiye, presenting an entertainment concept filled with surprises, from the first light of day until late in the night.

Show Lounge
Colourful activities, special shows, themed shows and concerts are performed in the Show Lounge, which has a seating capacity of 400 people. In the venue, used in cooler weather, unlimited fun and unforgettable memories await you. With the TUI SENSATORI concept, all sports and fun activities are accompanied by British instructors.

Board Walk
The Board Walk, with a concept similar to Show Lounge, is pushing the limits of entertainment. Fun activities, special shows and colourful activities are performed in an open space amid the Mediterranean nature. Enjoy lush nature and extraordinary performances in the amphitheatre-style venue.

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